Delta 50th anniversary exhibition opened at the Tongli Lakeview Hotel in Wujiang, China.

"Sustainable Conservation & Nurturing Life - Delta 50th anniversary exhibition" grandly commenced at the Tongli Lakeview Hotel in Wujiang, Suzhou, China. With the reporting and narrative perspective of the "Delta Newsroom," it led the public to experience Delta's 50 years of history, with eight onsite theme areas. The content included Delta's development track over the past 50 years and its efforts to protect the natural environment through the years. In addition, the exhibition area also showcased Delta's excellent products and solutions, as well as the achievements of many people who have contributed to Delta's development.

Secretariat Li Ming of the Wujiang District, who was invited to participate in the opening ceremony, said: "As a world-renowned company, Delta has been an important partner of Wujiang for many years. Delta is accelerating its deployment in Wujiang and has also trained many high-tech talents for the development of Wujiang. For the new ground of external origin of development, our cooperation will continue to be deepened."

The exhibition was held in conjunction with the Delta Power Electronics Seminar and received enthusiastic responses from more than 500 teachers and students at the site. The guests visited the exhibition area and listened attentively to the guided tour led by Delta colleagues at the site. They also scrambled to take photos with their mobile phones. The touring exhibition is currently displayed at the Wujiang Plant with enthusiastic participation by colleagues. The exhibition’s subsequent stops include Delta's bases in Wuhu, Beijing, Dongguan, Chenzhou, and the Pudong area of Shanghai, allowing colleagues and partners from many different places to participate in the grand event together.