Facing up to climate change, Delta is committed to ‘sustainable conservation, nurturing life’ for the next 50 years.
With‘sustainable conservation’, we advance lower carbon emissions that help hold warming to 1.5°C.
Though ‘nurturing life’, we spark public awareness on the protection of marine ecology and biodiversity restoration.
Sustainable Conservation
Delta joined the EV100 & RE100 initiatives with the commitment to provide EV charging infrastructure at major operation facilities around the world, and reach 100% renewable energy usage in operations by 2030. Further facilitating zero emission, Delta additionally launches an initiative to map air pollution and health risk at street level, in which real-time data are collected through the moves of electric vehicles.
Nurturing Life
Delta recruits employees to restore coral reef and marine biodiversity. Meanwhile, Delta holds forums and film tours to share world’s ocean knowledge and evoke the awareness.
Delta's High-tech Encyclopedia- EV Charging System
Delta joined 2019 Climate Week NYC – the largest ever
Water with Life – trailer
The installation art, “Birth”, created by Mr. Kuei-Chih Lee, integrates the local landscape and shelters the growing coral reefs.
The heavy rain did not extinguish the passion of Delta volunteers to restore coral reefs.
Fixing the coral fragments on the base is one of steps in coral gardening.
Children learnt about corals and their species.
The child contributed to the restoration through fixing the coral fragment in person.
Delta volunteers learnt to identify the type and health situation of corals.
Delta held the charity premiere of "Whale Island," urging people to pay attention to global warming on the ocean
Stakeholders of Delta “Nurture life” project were invited to the premiere.