Words from the Management
Bruce Cheng, Founder of Delta
Gratitude and Outlook

Over the past 50 years, Delta has grown step-by-step from a small factory with only 15 people operating on the edge of rice fields, to what it has become today. I would like to express my gratitude to all of Delta's employees for your efforts as Delta's achievements would not be possible without your contributions. On this occasion, it has been my great fortune to have everyone by my side for so many years. In particular, my profound gratitude goes to the group of partners who always believed in me and supported me in the early days of entrepreneurship. They did not shrink from many kinds of problems and always assured me that they would achieve their tasks as required even when I did not have sufficient confidence. What happened 40 to 50 years ago seems to have happened just yesterday. More importantly, my family has always supported me behind the scenes. With their understanding and support, I could fully devote myself to work and business.

Between the 1970s and 1980s, Taiwan’s economy and international position were at a severe disadvantage. However, Taiwan was able to break through the difficulties and turn the situation around during critical moments, all of which could be attributed to a group of officials with a clear vision, courage, and love of country and society, including K.T. Li and Y.S. Sun. They dedicated their lives to the people of our country, and made significant contributions in education, economics, and construction. During their tenure they attracted foreign business people to invest in Taiwan and created a large number of employment opportunities for Taiwan’s young people at that time. As such, Taiwanese people had the opportunity to improve their knowledge of technology and management experience, and in turn had the opportunity and ability to start up businesses and develop Taiwan’s industries. Benefiting from the conducive investment environment at that time, Delta jumped on the bandwagon and achieved steady growth during Taiwan’s economic development.

In the early days, Delta started with TV components and took a two-pronged approach by focusing on domestic sales and exports, and the quality of our products was recognized by our clients. As Taiwan's economy and industry were developing rapidly and electricity consumption increased year by year, power was running short, and at times we even had rolling blackouts. I could see that an effective solution would be to switch to a more energy-efficient switching power supply. I then decided to invest in the development of a lighter, thinner, shorter, and more energy-efficient switching power supply and set our business mission as: "To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow". Delta's switching power supply products were officially supplied to clients in 1983. By 2000, the efficiency of all Delta power supply products exceeded 90%. As Delta's products occupy a high market share, improving efficiency makes a substantial contribution to global energy conservation and carbon reduction. Between 2010 and 2020, Delta's power supply products were estimated to have saved clients 33.5 billion kWh of electricity, which was equivalent to reducing 17.80 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

In recent years, Delta has also begun to develop total solutions and diversify our products. This includes the development of electric vehicles, which has received great attention from the public in recent days. The global trend is to replace traditional gas-power vehicles with electric ones, and the motor is the key to the power system. Delta’s motor technology began from industrial automation products, and we have developed electric vehicle power systems for more than a decade. We have fully leveraged our capabilities in core electronic technologies to integrate critical components, such as motors, drives, and DC converters into the limited space of the automotive body. We have thus successfully stepped into the electric vehicle power system supply chains of the European, the U.S., and Japanese first-tier automobile manufacturers.

Industrial development in recent years has resulted in resource depletion and pollution of the natural environment, and has begun to endanger the survival of human beings and other creatures. Global warming has made a major impact on the environment. I can still remember that the Taipei Weather Station registered a high temperature of 39.7°C in the summer of 2020, a record high in the 124 years since the station was established. The ecological impacts caused by the abnormal climate also continue to be witnessed all over the world. All the predictions made by scientists about warming in the past seem to be coming true one after another. Thus, we must take immediate action to prevent more climate disasters from happening.

There is potential for reducing carbon emissions from buildings by 50%-75%. Delta’s Tainan Plant was the first building in Taiwan rated with a "Gold" Green Building label as it was completed and launched in 2006. We continued to make improvements after it was launched, and its rating was thus upgraded to " Diamond" in 2009. Since then, Delta has built 29 green buildings and two green data centers at production sites around the world. We adopted a unique ground source heat pump system for the new Delta Americas headquarters building launched in 2016. The pump system makes the entire building cool and comfortable with a constant temperature of roughly 21°C regulated by circulating a total of 12,000 gallons of water through 147-kilometer-long dense pipelines below ground surface. This system is equipped with energy-efficient converters and solar panels on the rooftop, enabling the Americas headquarters to achieve a high standard of "net zero energy consumption".

When Typhoon Morakot ravaged southern Taiwan in 2009, the Namasia District was the hardest-hit area. At the time, Delta decided to assist with the reconstruction of the Namasia Minquan Elementary School. In alignment with the indigenous peoples' traditional architectural styles and the local natural environment, we built an adjustable ground and roof ventilation system with energy-efficient shading and heat-insulating building materials, as well as a solar power supply system, making it the first school with net zero energy consumption in Taiwan.

We founded the Delta Electronics Foundation in 1990 and have been focusing on talent training for more than 30 years. In addition to the topic of energy conservation at which Delta excels, we have expanded to online courses on energy education, green buildings, and smart manufacturing, and have adopted many approaches to call on the public to pay attention to the biggest threat facing humanity: climate change. The Delta Electronics Foundation has participated in the United Nations climate change conferences for many years since 2007. Through our think tank research, international collaborations, exhibition curations, and film productions, we strive to raise more people's awareness of the urgency of global warming. For example, we sponsored the late director Po-lin Chi to produce Taiwan’s first aerial environmental documentary "Beyond Beauty - Taiwan From Above", and commissioned the Japanese NHK Enterprises team to produce the world’s first 8K environmental documentary "Water with Life" with the aim of directing the public's attention to climate change. In recent years, the foundation has carried out various ecological protection projects proactively, ranging from the conservation of humpback whales to the restoration of coral.

During the process of running a business, I often think of the value of a company’s existence. Although a company needs profit to grow, it is more important to contribute to the country and society using its core competitiveness. On Delta’s 50th anniversary, we are adopting "Influencing 50, Embracing 50" as the Company's vision. Building on our solid 50-year foundation, I hope we shall continue to develop innovative products and services, as we join hands with our partners in all sectors and stride towards the next 50 years together.

Yancey Hai, Chairman of Delta
Not Only Bigger But Better

Delta’s 50th anniversary is a particularly exhilarating event. As the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 ravaged the world and severely affected everyone’s lives, the Company’s daily operations also underwent substantial changes. The fact that we can celebrate Delta’s 50th birthday in 2021 safely is heartening. I would also like to express my gratitude towards our employees for overcoming all kinds of problems under various pandemic prevention regulations and accomplishing their tasks diligently and prudently.

It is worth mentioning that Delta's market value still exceeded NT$800 billion in 2021 despite the turbulence in the general environment. This attests to the relentless efforts made by our employees. Nonetheless, I still want to remind everyone that Delta should not only "do it bigger" but "do it better". What the management team is concerned about is how to become a better company rather than a bigger one. By upholding our goals of a sustainable business and a sustainable environment, Delta will continue to strive to usher in the next glorious 50 years.

Mark Ko, Vice Chairman of Delta
Relentless Innovative Spirit

The growth of a company is like the building of a snowman by a group of partners. We need to pile up our small snowballs one by one, and shape it slowly until its shape is clear and firm. Fifty years ago, Delta started out as a small factory with 15 people in the Xinzhuang District of Taipei County. Today, we have more than 80,000 employees on five continents around the world. Our market value has exceeded NT$800 billion, annual revenue is expected to exceed NT$300 billion, and, more importantly, we have an innovative spirit and advanced technology.

Over the past 50 years, Delta has undergone a number of transformations from TV components to power supplies for personal computers, from components to systems and solutions, and from information technology to energy technology. With our emphasis on research and development, we have been able to come up with innovative forward-looking applications based on our original core technologies in each transformation. This is what distinguishes Delta from other companies, and it is also the quality we hold the most dear. Let's keep up the good work and wish Delta a happy birthday.

Ping Cheng, CEO of Delta
Distance Tests a Horse's Strength

It has been a really long and tough journey for Delta over the past 50 years. The achievements we see today can be attributed to all of our diligent employees and the support of their family members behind the scenes. In the joyous atmosphere of this 50th anniversary, I believe what we care most about is Delta's future development direction and where it will go.

In fact, Delta restructured its business units on a large scale in 2017, and the division of the business units at the time has clearly pointed out the company’s future direction. In particular, the fields of automation, information and communication, energy infrastructure, and electric vehicles are the markets expected to grow substantially in the future, and our existing product mix and core technologies provide the best foundation for us to enter these new fields.

The biggest problems facing mankind in the future must be related to global warming and climate change. The technologies, products, and solutions that Delta has developed based on the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation have given us a great opportunity to address such problems. Therefore, Delta still has great room for development in the future. Let us work hard together and aspire towards the next 50 years.

Simon Chang, COO of Delta
Let us Stride Forward to Anticipate the Best

In the blink of an eye, I find I have worked at Delta for more than 40 years. In other words, I joined Delta as a young man in my 20s, and now I am already a grandpa playing with my grandkids every day.

It is my great fortune to work at Delta as it has always been committed to providing employees with an excellent and stable working environment despite the changes in the external environment, and it has given us the space to fully leverage our abilities. This is why Delta has so many senior employees. Meanwhile, with the solid foundation built by these senior employees, Delta has been able to move forward steadily for half a century.

In 2021, as we are celebrating Delta’s 50th birthday, we will launch the largest and newest Chungli Plant 5 in Taiwan, followed by the new Tainan Plant that is about to be completed. Chungli Plant 6 plant is expected to break ground in 2022, and we will have a new plant in Taichung located in Central Taiwan Science Park with a focus on the development of robotics. There are still other production sites under construction in China, India, and Thailand. These investment plans demonstrate that Delta’s current positioning and development direction of its eight major business groups in three major business fields are very clear. Meanwhile, we are striving to develop new business fields. Thus, Delta’s continuous growth in the future can be anticipated. I wish to express my appreciation to everyone who has worked hard at Delta over the past 50 years, and I also promise that Delta's performance will be even more brilliant over the next 50 years.

Congratulations to Delta’s 50th Anniversary
Many thanks to the warm congratulations and blessings from our lovely partners. We really appreciate your support, and look forward to keep growing with you! More videos will be uploaded soon.
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